Welcome to the Beach in Marina del Rey!

THIS PROPERTY IS FOR SALE, and is currently the ONLY multifamily listing on the Ocean Peninsula in Marina del Rey.


We're so glad you found us! If you're looking for a studio or 3-bedroom apartment to rent at the beach and there's a vacancy listed below, we can help you move into your new home in Marina del Rey (MdR), California. MdR Beach Rental LLC (MdRBR) presents 29 & 31 Lighthouse Street, a triplex just steps to the sand.


We have no vacancies at this time.

Pets 🐾

Our large dog is (was 😢) less disruptive than most people and small dogs are and we know from our own rental experience as tenants how frustrating it can be to see "no pets" or "will consider pets" or "small dogs" in ads for apartments. This is why MdRBR is quite pet-friendly compared to most rentals near the beach in Los Angeles. Take a look at our pet policy to see if our apartments are right for you and your loved ones..

Ready to Move In?

Here's how to get started when we have a vacancy:

➤ See photos & other details on the "APT #" page for any vacancy.
➤ Review the self-screening checklist on the Reference page.
Contact Dan to arrange a tour of the property.

We offer some of the most affordable 3-bedroom apartments at the beach in Los Angeles. We never offer lease terms shorter than 12 months, so please do not contact us with questions about vacation or short-term rentals.

Happy Homes at the Beach™

Why do so many of our tenants say we're the best landlord they've ever had? Because we believe in the golden rule: Treat others the way we would want them to treat us. Life is too short to live any other way. We believe landlords and tenants should engage and lead with love, not fear.

▲ View to the east from 29 Lighthouse Street.


Residents...need help?
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In an emergency please call 911.

Yes, we're VERY concerned about the environment!
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