How to get to RESERVED space to be used for authorized visitors to 29 Lighthouse Street.
NOTE: Vehicles parking in driveway without written authorization from owners or agents [NOT tenants] may be towed.
If your vehicle has been towed from this spot contact Bruffy's Tow at 310-395-0084 or

    1. From the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Lighthouse Street, drive WEST (toward ocean, away from Grand Canal & walking bridge).
    2. Take the first right on Speedway.
    3. Take the first right into alley (see first photo below).
    4. Drive to end of alley and park in reserved space in driveway on right as shown in second photo below.
    5. BE SURE to pull in all the way up to the bumper on the wall so tenants parking in garage are not blocked.
    6. Use sidewalk between buildings (watch your step on stairs) to get to front door.
    7. Call mobile number of party you are visiting to let them know you have arrived (and to make sure your car is not accidentally towed).

Thank you!

Route to Parking Spot:

Parking Spot:


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